A Juicing We Will go…

Hello and Happy Monday to ya!

Today’s post, A Juicing We Will go, is going to consist of a new juicing recipe that I have discovered and I LOVE!! My husband and I have decided to add juicing to our regular routine to beef up the vitamins and minerals that juicing provides. Are we health fanatics? NOPE! We are just a couple in our forty’s who have realized that it would be a good idea to incorporate some healthier choices into our busy lives.

The combination that I went with today is one of my favorites!

  • 2 apples (I used Gala)
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 lemon

Now for some pics! This is everything that I needed to make the delicious juice. A juicer (we have a Jack LaLane Power Juicer that I picked up at the local hardware store), the fruit, a knife, a cutting board and a bowl to catch all the luscious juices!

Ingredients needed for Juicing recipe

I like to cut the ends off the lemon and oranges and I typically cut the apples in half.

Apple oranges and lemon cut for juicing

Place the fruit in the juicer, one at a time, to not clog the juicer up, and watch the magic happen.

juice expelling from juicer

VIOLÀ! I like to place the juice in a fancy cup so it looks pretty!

juice in 2 wine glasses

Now, if you are not drinking it right away you can always place them into containers and store them in the fridge until later, when you’re ready to drink them.

juice in storage container for storage

So that is today’s post. I will be adding other juice recipes as we go along. There have been winning combinations and definitely combinations that were less than desirable! I recently found out that for some reason I DO NOT like juiced cucumbers even though I love eating cucumbers! Who da thunk it! (lol)

Got any juicing stories or suggestions? Let me know!

Until my next post ya’ll!

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