Delightful Dice Activity

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Today’s blog is all about another fun activity, a Delightful Dice activity. This is another activity that can be set up for one child or with multiple children and some adult guidance. This dice game is great to work on number identification and counting and it is also a great way to work on simple sequencing, which I will explain later.

Here is everything I used for the Delightful Dice activity (ages 3+).

Materials needed for Delightful Dice Activity

  • a large basket
  • an extra large foam dice
  • 2 large plastic mason jars with wide opening
  • plastic colored bunnies
  • anti-slip liner

Now, this is just what I used. There are many substitutions that can be made according to what you have on hand.  You could use any kind of plastic, wood or metal bowls instead of  the plastic mason jars that I used. The extra large foam dice can be replaced with a regular sized dice, however, this is not recommended for younger children as it is a choking hazard. The bunnies can be substituted for basically anything that will fit in the containers you use (pompoms, pieces of fabric or yarn, foam pieces, animals, rocks etc…) Really the possibilities are endless!! The large basket can be swapped out with a cookie tray (which for the record makes a GREAT magnet board).

Now that you have your materials, time to set up your play station. Remember it is always a good idea to start by setting up an organized, beautiful play station because it acts like an invitation to play.

Consider going to work one morning and you start your day with your work space in shambles. Doesn’t get you excited to start your day does it! It sure doesn’t work for me (I am breaking out into a sweat just thinking about it)! Same applies here. You want your child to be drawn in to the activity.

So, if you are doing this with a single child, my regular readers probably already know by now, I would place the child on the floor so no one has to reach for materials, with the anti-slip mat under the basket or cookie tray. I would also place the mat under the basket if a child was sitting at the table. It just keeps everything relatively together.

Alternatively, if you were setting this up for a larger group, you will need some adult mediation. The extra assistance is necessary to facilitate turn taking and sharing of materials.

So back to the activity. Place the basket with all the other materials in front of the child.

Basket, mason jars and plastic bunnies needed for the activity

a dice, 2 plastic bunnies for Delightful Dice Activity

The goal of this activity is to roll the dice. Whatever the dice lands on, in the case of the above picture, a 2 is rolled, then 2 bunnies would be transferred from the full mason jar to the empty one. In the case of a single child, they would simply keep playing until all of the bunnies transfer from one jar to the other. In the group scenario, each child each takes their turn and then passed the basket to the next child.


materials needed for Delightful Dice Activity

This is where the simple sequencing comes in. This means that the child understands, when playing alone,

  1. first, I roll the dice,
  2. then, I move the manipulable (in this case, the plastic bunny) from one place to another.
  3. then, I roll again.

In a group setting, the child is either developing this skill or the child is mastering the sequencing skill of,

  1. first, I wait for my turn,
  2. then, I roll the dice,
  3. then, I move the manipulable,
  4. then, pass the basket to the next child,
  5. then, the process repeats.

So there you have it. A simple activity that makes a large learning opportunity. I hope you enjoy this Delightful Dice Activity with the kids.

Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you!

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