Dinosaur Wash Activity

Dinosaur Wash Activity

This is a great water activity that helps develop everyday life skills. It also doubles as a sensory activity, because, there are multiple senses being used throughout its duration. The warm water on the hands, the slippery soap on their fingers, the smell of the soap in their little nasal passages! It’s all kinds of fun!

This is a really basic activity that is always a hit with young children. I like to focus on out of the box activities with supplies and materials that you most likely have or can get very inexpensively, this one definitely falls into that category. One thing I always say is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create wonderful and effective activities for children.

Dinosaur Wash Activity

Safety disclosure: Please always superviseĀ children at play!

Here is everything that I used for this Dinosaur Wash Activity.

All needed for Dinosaur Wash Activity

  • anti-slip liner
  • dish soap
  • 2 small rags – 1 to wash and 1 to dry (or sponges, scrub brushes)
  • some dinosaurs (or animals or whatever you got that is washable)
  • a plastic container
  • a tray

So for my display, I used a plastic container on the tray simply because I didn’t have a plastic tray on hand, and I didn’t want to ruin my wood tray. This activity works very well on a plastic tray without the container, as an alternative.

For a single child at home, I like to do this activity on the floor with an anti-slip liner under the tray, especially because there is water involved. Once wet, things can get very slippery. Simply add some warm water and some soap into the container, and let the child have some fun washing and drying the dinosaurs!

All needed for Dinosaur Wash Activity

This is also an activity that can be successful in a childcare setting. I have set up 4 stations, at the same table, so there parallel play involved amongst the children. Each tray is set up in the same manner, giving them an invitation to play.

One thing to note, that even though the children are “washing” the toys, it is not a substitution for regular cleaning and disinfecting of the toys.

Dinosaur Wash ActivitySO MUCH FUN!

Try it and let me know how it worked for you!


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