Today is a day that I feel GRATEFUL! I feel like we don’t take the time to really evaluate our lives and realize all the blessings that we have. Today is that day for me, and so it is the focus of my blog post!

As I sit here on my front porch over looking the lake with 2 of my 4 fur buddies, I realize, once again, that I live a privileged life. Despite trials and tribulations that life presents us, I still woke up this morning! A privilege that many in the world today have not be awarded.  Privilege number one!



Once I awoke, I came upstairs to start my busy day. My first thought was to text “good morning” to my loving husband and best friend! His response this morning “well hello there” and some other super cute expressions that we like to share amongst ourselves! I share my life with someone with similar goals, values and equal levels of crazy! The last words I hear every night are “wake me if you need anything my love” and the the first words I hear every morning are equally as loving! This too, is a privilege denied to many! This is privilege number 2. 


As I prepare myself for my busy day, I can take a minute and just stop to smell the roses! The listen to the birds chirping all around me and feel the warm sun on my face! I watch the lake go from perfectly still to ebb and flow as a breeze picks up, and,  in the distance, a loon leaves a wake as he swims by. I am surrounded by nature’s beauty! Privilege number 3. 


As the day moves along, I called my mom to check in on her and my dad! My folks have been married for over 50 years and my in-laws celebrate 56 years tomorrow! How lucky we are, at our age, to have BOTH sets of parents that have beat the test of time! Both such wonderful examples about what a marriage should look like! Privilege number 4.



These are just a few of the blessings that I have thought about today! So, as my busy day of baking, cleaning, blogging, picture taking and peaceful moments near an end, I have only one word to describe how I feel about my life. GRATEFUL!

I hope that your days are filled with all things wonderful! I hope you have time to smell the roses and listen to the birds. I hope you have someone to love who loves you back. I hope that when life gets you down, you find a reason to get back up! I hope you have dreams for tomorrow and a way to accomplish them. I hope you can enjoy the small things, like sharing a smile, a hug or a laugh,  that make us all better people. Life is to short to not take advantage of these moments. 

Until my next post,

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This is a great article! Would love to chat with you a little more about your posts & your website!


Thank you Janice for sharing your thoughts. We so often dwell on the negative things and forget how blessed we are. I am grateful for my life-wonderful husband, 2 beautiful daughters, a sweet little grandson and great friends. Thank you for reminding me to take the time to be GRATEFUL ❤️