Paper Plate Memory Game

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Today’s post is a fun activity I have dubbed Paper Plate Memory Game. It’s a super simple and inexperience activity AND it’s a great way to exercise and activate your child’s neural pathways!

In today’s society, we are so very rushed all the time and I feel like good old fashion games are lost to electronic everything! While I agree that there is great value in assisting your children become comfortable with the tech world, I also feel strongly that there is A LOT of value from good old fashion games! Let’s give them the best of both worlds! We should return to playing with our kids, not only to help foster developmental skills BUT also to strengthen OUR OWN bonds with them as well!

Ok, so let’s get to it! Here is what I needed to create this game.

Paper Plate Memory Game

  • paper plates
  • pompoms
  • glue
  • marker

All the materials are inexpensive and can be bought at a dollar store or you may already have at home. I LOVE to create games that are inexpensive but meaningful!

Creating or playing a games like this will help your child foster developmental skills such as visual recall, attention and focus and the ability to recognize and match 2 visuals.

The goal of the game is turn over 1 plate, see the visual, and match it with the corresponding plate with the same visual. I have used numbers but literally anything can be used, letters, pictures, faces with emotions, colors, really anything! There are also many ways to make it more challenging, which I will explain later.

First, you will want to draw the same visual on 2 plates. 

Paper Plate Memory Game

For simplicity sake and display purposes, I only did numbers 1 through 4, you however can decide what and how many pairs of visuals to use.

Once you have finished with the visuals, glue a pompom onto the back of the plates. This is optional, however, I prefer doing it this way because it not only fosters fine motor skill development, but it also makes the plates a lot easier to pick up. 

Paper Plate Memory Game

I have color coded my plates in that the 2 plates with the number 1’s have pink pompoms, the number 2 plates have blue pompoms etc. This will allow a younger child to still feel successful for matching the colors, and the visual recall can come later.

To add an element of difficulty, this can also be switched up and made more challenging for an older child, but NOT color coding the pompoms. Another way to adjust this game for an older child is by putting the number on one plate (i.e. 4) and on the second plate put the same number of dots (• • • •) so the child has to count the dots to match it with the number. This adds number recognition and counting to the skill development list!!!

So, back to the game, mix up the plates and have the child match them up.

Paper Plate Memory Game

If this game if being played solo, the child would continue to match the numbers until all the plates have been matched up. If, however, this game is being played by multiple people, sequencing  and turn-taking will also be added to the list of skills being exercised, as the child will first, wait their turn, then take their turn, then wait for their turn again!

Once you’re all done with the game, you can tidy it up and place it into a bin or Ziploc bag, so it’s ready for the next play time.

Paper Plate Memory Game

Alright guys, let’s recap! The developmental skills that are being fostered while playing the Paper Plate Memory Game are…

  1. Visual recall 
  2. Attention and focus
  3. Fine motor skills
  4. Number recognition
  5. Counting
  6. Sequencing
  7. Turn taking

All kinds of good stuff to help your child learn and grow, for just a few bucks!!!

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Until my next post,

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