Pom Pom Pincer Grip Activity

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I really like activities that use materials over and over again for a few reasons. First of all, they save you some money! Everyone likes to save money!! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create high quality learning experiences for your children.  I believe in reusing and recycling because its just good practice. For these reasons, you will definitely will see these materials used over and over in different ways.

Today, I will be sharing a great activity, the Pom Pom Pincer Grip Activity! This activity will help your child develop and strengthen their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are referring to the movement of small muscles like hands and fingers. We are using the pincer grip, or the coordination of motion of index and middle finger and thumb. All of the materials that I am using today are things that I found at the dollar store and perhaps you already have at home.

Alright, now down to the details of today’s activity. The Pompom Pincer Grip Activity can be modified for a younger child, but for simplicity sake, I am gearing it towards children ages 3 and up.

Safety disclosure: please remember to supervise young children at play. 

Here are the materials that I am using for this Pom Pom Pincer Grip Activity…

  • a large bowl (plastic please so nothing will break)
  • 1 bag of various sized pompoms
  • small tongs *Modification could also be a spoon*
  • a large plastic milkshake/smoothie or sundae cup
  • a rubber anti-slip liner *optional but I use them for most of my activities!*

Materials I used for this Pompom Pincer Grip Activity

Have your child sit on the floor and place the materials in front of them. If you are worried about the floor being to chilly or uncomfortable you can always place a pillow or chair cushion under them. I prefer to place the child on the floor so there is no dangerous reaching for materials.

The goal of the activity is for the child to use the tongs or the spoon to transfer all of the pompoms into the small opening of the sundae cup. The tongs and the spoon both offer degrees of difficulty to the activity, as does the small opening of the sundae cup. This could be modified for a younger child by using only large pompoms and removing the lid of the sundae cup so the opening is larger and/or using a larger spoon.

Here is a closer look at the materials.

All of the materials I picked up at the dollar store, with the exception of the tongs. I found those at a discount store but they do have plastic ones that are typically found in the party aisle.

I found a bag of pipe cleaners, googly eyes and bag of various sized pompoms to be a good deal, plus I can use the other components for activities.

Rubber anti-slip liner
rubber anti-slip liner
A sundae cup for Pompom Pincer Grip Activity
a sundae cup with lid
a bag of assorted craft materials, including the necessary pompoms for Pompom Pincer Grip Activity
a bag of assorted craft materials, including the necessary pompoms
a large plastic bowl with a lid for Pompom Pincer Grip Activity
a large plastic bowl (with or without a lid)
materials for Pompom Pincer Grip Activity
small tongs or spoon

There you have it! A high quality, high impact, low cost activity that your kids can enjoy for as long as they wish! If it’s possible, I suggest using a bowl that has a lid for a few reasons. All the materials needed for this activity can be placed back inside the bowl and stored for later use but also that they can be stacked one on top of the other so it’s a great way to stay organized! Then they are ready to be pulled out at anytime!

all materials inside the bowl for Pompom Pincer Grip Activity

bowls stacked for storage












So that is today’s post. I hope you and your kiddos have fun with it!

Until next time…

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