Spicy Shakers Activity

Sensory play is a vital part of how our children learn about the world around them and this Spicy Shakers Activity is a great way to do that. These little shakers are small enough to fit comfortably in a child’s hand, plastic so it is non-breakable AND they are so inexpensive!!


Here is what I used for this Spicy Shakers Activity:

  • 8 plastic spice bottles
  • Miscellaneous objects
  • Hot glue gun

I found these PLASTIC spice bottles at the dollar store that were 4 bottles for $2.

I placed various objects that I had at my disposal, into the jars. As you can see in the picture below, I used fabric stars, toothpicks, 3 plastic hearts, paperclips, dry macaroni, pieces of paper, rice and an eraser. The possibilities for these bottles are endless and you literally can place anything inside them. Go ahead and be creative.

Once I placed the item inside the bottle, I hot glued the inner plastic piece that has the holes in it, into place.

Spicy Shakers Activity

Spicy Shakers Activity

I then proceeded to hot glue the outer lid into place as well. I prefer to hot glue BOTH lids onto the bottle, just on the off chance that for some reason, the top lid is removed, there is still another level of “protection”. While it does have holes in the inner lid, it gives you a few seconds to get to the child in order to fix or replace the problem. These, as for all toys, should be verified regularly, to ensure that the integrity of the toy in still intact. 


This is another perfect example of an activity that is inexpensive but fosters a wide range developmental skills. I really enjoy the size of these bottles for little people because they fit nicely in a child’s hand, great for fine motor development.

Early literacy skills are being used to help the child describe the sound the shaker is making. Science comes into play when you talk about why the shakers sound differently from each other (different densities, size, shapes, materials)

The BEST part of these shakers, in my opinion, THEY ARE FUN!!! This, I believe, is the most important aspect of child development that is being lost. I feel as though parents and educators think activities have to be complex and/or expensive to have meaningful effects. I have “Back to Basic” approach to caring for children, and I have personally witnessed its effectiveness, for both the children and the adult who is caring for them!

Spicy Shakers Activity

These shakers also provide the opportunity to be incorporate into other activities. One good example is to use them while playing music to help foster rhythm. A second example could be to make 2 identical sets of shakers and have the child associate and match the 2 that sound the same. This fosters decision making and problem solving skills! A great way to add another level of difficulty for an older child, is to cover the bottle with a piece of colored paper or perhaps some sticky shelf liner so the child cannot see the materials inside, then proceed to match them! Now the child must rely solely on the sound to identify and match it! Fun stuff!! I love watching their little brains at work!

So, what are you going to put inside your Spicy Shakers? Let me know!

Until my next post,

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