Spring Nature Series Part 1

After a two week pause for the cause, I am back and ready to blog!!!

Today’s post is about how fabulous it feels to get back into nature for a SPRING NATURE WALK. Nature really is the best anti-depressant! 

Today, we went out on our side by side for a little jaunt on our property. I know what you are thinking, not much of a nature WALK!!! We used our side by side to get to a beautiful spot on our property that graces us with a babbling brook every spring. While we were out, we discovered many breathtaking views and even more beautiful scenery! So stunning that I have to share.

This year, we experienced a particularly harsh winter with A LOT of snow! Now that spring is upon us, much of the snow has left us but in the bush there was still quite a bit because of the denseness of the forest. Despite the difficult winter and remaining snow, nature is resilient and preservers to display its beauty which leaves me in awe every time!

Let’s get to some pictures. 

Spring nature Walk

These mushrooms are growing on the side of a fallen tree.

Spring nature Walk

It doesn’t get any more Canadian than this. A Maple Leaf on the snow. 

Spring nature Walk

And on some moss, preserved almost flawlessly from the previous Fall season!

Spring nature Walk

 Moss and more mushrooms, thriving on a dead tree.

Spring nature Walk

 More moss growing on rocks! 

I love the deep rich green color variations in the moss!

Some greenery leftover from last year!

Here is some woodpeckers handy-work! 

Here come the pictures of the breath-taking creek that spawns every spring!!

Spring nature Walk

Here is a picture of my hubby in his happy place!

Spring Nature Walk

Here are a few videos that I would like to start showing more of. I hope you can view them with ease! If not, please let me know so I can tweek it!

I will use this opportunity to remind everyone to get outside! It’s good for the heart, mind and soul! We need to take time out of our busy and scheduled lives to enjoy what is all around us!!!

Until my next post,


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