Town and Car Play Tray Activity

Town and Car Play Tray Activity is an fun and inexpensive way to challenge your child. This activity will help to foster multiple developmental skills like, fine motor control, imagination and number identification.

Town and Car Play Tray Activity

The materials used are also ones that you most likely already have at home or can easily buy at a dollar store. I love creating high quality, meaningful activities that challenge and educate your child WITHOUT spending a whole lot of money. 

Here is what I used to create my Town and Car Play Tray Activity.

Town and Car Play Tray Activity

  • a tray
  • painters tape
  • electrical tape
  • scissors
  • cars
  • blocks
  • toy plastic trees

This activity tray took me about 30 minutes to complete. It is in no way perfect, but, KIDS DON’T CARE ABOUT IT BEING PERFECT! In fact, this is a great activity to create WITH your child!

Here is the process that I used. First, you will need to clear the tray off of all materials. 

Town and Car Play Tray Activity

Here is where I began making the town. I placed a small piece of painters tape onto each block that I using to create my buildings.

Painter’s tape is, by far, the best option to use, especially if you want to re-use the tray at a later date for something other than an activity tray, because it removes easily and cleanly and without a sticky mess!

You may be asking yourself if you have to tape the pieces down. My recommendation is YES! Taping down the individual pieces will allow the child to play without the need to stop and re-position them when they fall down during play. Because they WILL fall during play and when they do, it is very frustrating for the child immersed in play! This method removes that frustration!

Town and Car Play Tray Activity

Now you are ready to position your blocks and create them into buildings. I had some number blocks and decided to incorporate them onto my activity tray by placing them beside the corresponding building with that amount of blocks used. This adds a mathematics element to the activity and will encourage number identification skills! 2 blocks used for this building, therefore the number 2 block is placed along with it!

Town and Car Play Tray Activity

Once you have your buildings positioned and taped down, it’s time to create your roads.

Town and Car Play Tray Activity

I cut the painters tape into little strips to create the parking spots, also identified with numbers, and the roads. 

Town and Car Play Tray Activity

Town and Car Play Tray Activity

I used blue electrical tape to create some water and some more painters tape for grass. I taped the toy trees into place and added the cars to the tray! VoilĂ , the Town and Car Play Tray Activity!

Town and Car Play Tray Activity

Keep in mind that there is no right of wrong way to do this activity. Create the play tray with your child! By doing so, it will help foster skills like sequencing, because there are steps in creating it (first we build our buildings, then tape them down, then create roads…).

Skills being developed…

Fine motor control

Fine motor control is exercised when playing with the play tray when the child is holding the car in their grasp and moving it around the play tray on the roads. These are controlled movements that are important to develop for later use, such as holding a pencil and writing.

Imaginative skills

Imaginative skills are being developed through the play experience, which is so important for cognitive development. It facilitates critical thinking skills and creative problem-solving abilities as they grow their little minds! It is a way to discover and learn about the world around them. 

Math skills

Math skills are being exercised by placing the numbered blocks and numbered parking spaces. This will aid in the number identification process, which is so important for future math skill development. The ability to recognize, identify and create patterns is vital in later life!

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I am passionate about creating inexpensive and meaningful play experiences for children with objects that you most likely have or can buy cheaply! 

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