How I transformed an unused room into our Master Bedroom

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Today’s’ post is a Home Decor post about How I transformed an unused room into our Master Bedroom. My husband and I live in a quaint little farmhouse in the country. We made the transition to a smaller home a little over a year ago. Living in a small space has its advantages and disadvantages that take some getting used to. All in all, I LOVE living in a smaller home!

We have made many changes to the home to suite our needs. One of those changes was creating a master bedroom in our basement which offers a space that is a quiet quarters of solitude and supreme bliss! Basically, our whole basement is one large master suite that incorporates a walk-in closet, a space for a master bath (coming in the near future), a secondary living room and laundry room complete with a large folding table and cupboards!

One thing is lacking! We needed to create a storage space for odds and ends, for things like decoration storage bins, our treadmill, our deep freezer and a gun cabinet! If only we had one more room to create this storage space! We have been brainstorming ideas in order to create this “extra room” for over a year now! Then it hit my husband! We DO have that extra room, we are just not using it!!!

 As I mentioned before, the basement has a secondary living space. We never use this space! It’s just there! The “AHA” moment revealed that if we switch out our bedroom and living room, this would allow us to make a new wall and a create a proper storage room! BRILLIANT!!!

Here is the result. 

This is what the living room looked like before the switch. 

Master Bedroom Transformation

Standard stuff. A comfy couch, a TV, book and DVD storage and some decorations.

Master Bedroom Transformation

This is what it turned into!!! 

Master Bedroom Transformation

I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE WOOD WALL!!! Especially with white walls. This allows me to be able to switch out the colors of our sheets and comforters on the regular!

My brother gave us the “Live, Love, Laugh” signs years ago and I love that we have a place to showcase them! I placed a large frame with our wedding pictures in the middle of the words. 

Master Bedroom Transformation

Our side tables are from Ikea and they provide us with some extra storage as well. 

Master Bedroom Transformation

Here are the decorative pieces that I placed on each side table. A lamp, some flowers for a punch of color, small mirror, a candle that’s nested on a black candlestick and some inspirational words. I always use candles that have batteries and a timer! This way they turn on and off at the same time every day!

Master Bedroom Transformation

I have added a few sentimental items to our side tables. I have things like this all around my house, because they remind us of places we have been and people we love! 

Master Bedroom Transformation

This is a wax sculpture of our hands that we made on a trip to Niagara Falls. In front of that is a set of bride and groom ducks that we had at our wedding.

Pictured here is an old school bell and hand held mirror that both belonged to my husbands grandparents. 

Master Bedroom Transformation

On Brian’s side we have the ring box that used to house our wedding rings. Sitting on the box is a bell that we had at our wedding, along with another pair of ducks. Behind the ducks is a large rock that we picked up on our honeymoon. It comes from Athabasca Falls, in Jasper National Park in Alberta. 

Now I know you are thinking, but Janice, what did you put on the other side of the room where the TV and shelving used to be? The answer at this moment is… NOTHING YET! It will require some help from Brian when he gets home, so it will have to be a Part 2.

Stay tuned!!!!

Until my next post, 

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