Winter Sensory Bin Arctic Habitat Preschool Activity

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Today, I will be sharing a Winter Sensory Bin Arctic Habitat Preschool Activity with BONUS Scoopmania activity with all of you. This activity can be done on a large or small scale. It is considered a sensory bin activity which simply means a container that provides a tactile experience while remaining in one place. Its an opportunity for the child to use their senses through play. Sensory bins are a WONDERFUL way to let children learn and explore and they are great for all ages. I have always had much success with sensory bins with both very young and school age children.

I have set up this activity for a single child. Even though this is set up for one individual child, that is not to say that you cannot place several of these at a floor or table where multiple children each have their own.

Green bowl filled with snow and arctic animals for winter Sensory bin

I really enjoy doing animal habitats with children because it offers so many opportunities to extend the learning experience.

Safety disclosure: please remember to supervise young children at play. 

What I used for this activity…

  • anti-slip liner (optional)
  • a large bowl
  • arctic animals
  • snow (real or artificial)

Empty bowl with lid and arctic animals for winter sensory bin

Sit your child on the floor or table and place the supplies in front of them. If you place them on the floor, you can always place a pillow or chair cushion under them if you are worried about the floor being to chilly or uncomfortable. I prefer to place the child on the floor so there is no dangerous reaching for materials. This would be less of an issue for an older child.

Remember, there are endless possibilities of how to set up this activity. These are just two examples.

Winter sensory set up Winter sensory bin variation set up

You could always add a little cold water in to “water” section. I just padded down the water sections to give it some texture. Now, please don’t expect this to remain exactly like this. The child will mess it up while they are playing and THAT IS THE POINT! I like to create beautiful and welcoming play stations that invite the child over to explore.

Activity #2: Scoopmania

This activity, again, can be set on a large or small scale. You probably have many of the things necessary for this activity at home or daycare. Please remember that if this is done on a larger scale, it is SO IMPORTANT to ensure that you have enough materials to accommodate all the children. In other words, if you have this activity set up for 4 children, you need 4 scoops, 4 bowls and 4 spoons so there is no fighting for those materials.

Bowl filled with snow bowls and scoops for winter sensory bin


Things I used for this activity…

  • anti-slip liner (optional)
  • a large bowl
  • small ice cream bowls
  • small scoops
  • small spoons

4 bowls and 3 scoops needed for winter sensory bin

I used these materials but any number of alternate materials can be used. A pot or tray can be used instead of a large bowl. A regular spoon can be used instead of a plastic one. Any Tupperware (with or without a lid) can replace the ice cream cups and spoon that I have shown here. All of the materials can be found at a dollar store or discount store.

As mentioned in previous posts, I really like to use bowls with lids so that I can place all the materials for the activity inside the bowl, stack them up and then they are ready to go the next time we want to use them.

Bowl with all materials inside. Lid placed on bowl for storage


Hope you have fun with this Winter Sensory Bin Arctic Habitat Preschool Activity. Want this Arctic Habitat kit? Head over to my Ebay page for purchasing options.

So there you have it. Two winter activities to try and keep the kids entertained.

Until next time!

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